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Pilot sizzle of my Man-On-The-Street concept where I'm up for anything, even though I don't know what the heck I'm doing.   

Episode 1: "Shave My Beard"

My mother wanted me to shave my beard before my sister's wedding, so I promised. But realized I couldn't bring myself to do it because I love my beard!  So I hit the streets of NY for both support, and some assistance. 

Currently starring in the Off-Broadway NYT Critic's Pick

Drunk Shakespeare

We're a Shakespeare club with a drinking problem. Come see one actor take at least 5 shots and perform in a classic play, while the rest of the cast tries to keep up.

KIA e-Niro spot with Robert De Niro


Jobs Blow Podcast

The Podcast For Dreamers With Day Jobs

 Jobs Blow with Briana and Josh  sounds pornographic, but like many job descriptions, isn’t what it seems. 

The  podcast, recorded weekly at the World Famous Comic Strip Live comedy  club on Manhattan's Upper East Side, was born out of the frustrations of  being laid off and restless, but was created to bring people together  to support one another in a quest for something better. Everyone has  their own unique story and we’ll speak to individuals at different  points in their journey. From professionals who love their day jobs to  dreamers paying their dues to reach a lifelong ambition - come to  commiserate and stay to be entertained or inspired. Of course, no  conversation would be complete without some tea spilt about crazy  on-the-job experiences.  (photo with (2x) Tony Award-Winning Actor  Michael Cerveris and Editor Extraordinaire Jack Brickner)

Podcast can be found on all podcast services (itunes, Stitcher, Spofify, iHeartRadio, Google, etc)

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Always On

Recent Highlights

Recent Highlights

Raised in Rockland County. Living in Queens. College in Buffalo. Acting training in Chelsea. 10,000 hours of standup all over Manhattan. And married to a girl from Long Island. I'm the consummate New Yorker.  

As a father of 2 little kids whom I adore, I get great material and very little sleep. Everybody says they look like my wife, but I've never been one to trust popular opinion. I'm short and stout, more like a fire hydrant than a tea pot, and my personality is gigantic. People stop me on the street because they think they know me; I have that kind of recognizable face, with a voice (both in perspective and sound) you'll never forget. 

I'm ethnically ambiguous, wildly entertaining, a lovable pain-in-the-ass and my mother thinks my beard makes me look like a terrorist.  But I am the best friend, partner and Wingman you're ever gonna meet.  Always "On," its how I'm able to deliver top-notch entertainment, with over-the-top energy, for maximum #InYourFaceFunny.


Recent Highlights

Recent Highlights

Recent Highlights


Drunk Shakespeare -  Original and current cast of the NY Times Critic's pick hit Off-broadway show

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Live! - nationally touring one-man show.  Performed over 100 shows in 35 US cities 


The Deuce (HBO) - Pilot episode co-star role, playing off James Franco character.

Blue Bloods (CBS) - co-star role, speed dating opposite Bridgete Moynihan's character. 

Team Umizoomi - Playing CHEF MARIO on the hit Nick Jr. edutainment program

Standup Comedy

Sway In The Morning/Caroline's on Broadway - performing standup on Sway's morning SirirusXM radio show

Apollo Theater Amateur Night  - recent appearance on that iconic stage!


Caroline's on Broadway.  It's #inyourfacefunny and (mostly) clean.

Legit Reel

Commercial Reel

Chef Mario on Nick Jr.'s Team UmiZoomi

"Meatball Madness" ep. 408


Steinberg Talent Management



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