Copywriting Portfolio

 This is a sample of the results-driven ad copy I've written/co-produced as Head Writer/Creative Development for Precision Pictures LTD. It displays a wide range of brand-awareness content in the form of commercials, social media videos, gala films, fundraiser films, testimonials, promotional web videos and animated explainers.

Salon Shield

Social Media and broadcast TV spot advertising The Salon Shield.

The makers of The Salon Shield came up with a practical-use product to protect hair salon and barbershop customers from Covid-19 related infections in response to the 2020 pandemic. Basically an informercial, this spot showcases the proper use, ease and effectiveness of The Salon Shield by employing simple, witty, and alliterative phrasing.
*Note this spot was conceived, written, and produced in one week's time.

Total Technology Solution's - "Agent K"

Broadcast TV version of Total's Agent K spot promoting their dark web protection services. 

Total had created a character by the name of "Agent K," which they casually used to talk to clients about how they monitor the Dark Web as part of their cyber security services. After brainstorming with their management team, and touring their unique office space, I brought Agent K to life as Total's clandestine protector who monitors the Dark Web for their clients' sensitive and proprietary information.

St. Peter's Boys High School - Hall of Fame Inductions

This is a gala film for St. Peter's Boys High School in Staten Island, NY celebrating the induction of their first class of Golden Eagles Alumni into their Hall of Fame. 

In an effort to both showcase the history of the school as well as the success of their most prestigious alumni, I tackled this task by highlighting the core values and LaSallian principles of the school: Faith, Brotherhood, Community, Integrity, Service, Philanthropy, Leadership, Spirituality, Public Image and Career Success.

Join "Munch"

An animated explainer for Munch, a menu and POS app for restaurants.

This was a tricky yet rewarding project in that Munch was both very similar to its competitor (Seamless) in purpose, yet very different in its functionality . I had to both highlight the unique aspects of the app and its benefits to a restaurateur, while also showcasing its ease of use and the apps' ability to increase profits. I used humor and vivid imagery, as well as a Mary Poppins-esque character to keep it familiar and fun.

*Website Promotional Video

Promotional web video showcasing a premiere senior living community.

(*video is still in production; sample audio from the script is below.) 

As a strategy to sell their homes, this living community was looking to refresh their website's promotional videos for prospective homeowners by incorporating it's local flair and area attractions. I researched and conceived this spot using phrasing that was not only familiar to the area, but simple and direct as well as snappy and memorable.

"The Ballboy" - Crowdfunding Campaign

A GoFundMe campaign video. 

Raising money for a film's production - in Hollywood or as an Indie - is no easy venture. The writer-producers of their film managed to initially raise an impressive amount ($2.5M), but they were faced with the insurmountable challenge of raising the rest or risk losing their seed investor. In a desperate, last-chance effort to crowdfund as much as they could, I used ridiculousness, friendly ribbing, and earnest sincerity to help them achieve their goal.

"Alexa, Is He Cheating?"

A comedic sketch for Amazon's cloud-based voice service, "Alexa."

As a submission for a short-film festival, we were challenged with creating a long-form comedic advertisement for the Amazon product, "Alexa."  I conceived this spot as a way to demonstrate how we so often obsess over our technology, we can become hyper-attached. In this case, David is ready to leave his girlfriend because he's developed such an emotional bond with is voice assistant...and "Alexa" just might feel the same way.

"Cheetos, Baby!"

A 30-second NFL-themed spec spot for Cheetos. 

An opportunity to create a spec spot for the Frito Lays brand Cheetos arose. Inspired by the classic, pun-y twists of the “Doritos Crash The Super Bowl” spots, and the easy-to-repeat lines of Budweiser's “Frogs” and "Wassup!" spots, I developed this concept. Its merit rode on the catchphrase, "I want the Cheetos, baby!", and incorporated the three tenets of a successful comedic spot of this nature: cute kids, actor diversity, and an unexpected twist.